Hispanic Leaders Celebrate Latinos’ Astounding $3.2 Trillion Contribution to America’s GDP

BATON ROUGEThe National Hispanic Energy Council (NHEC), established to represent the Hispanic voice in energy policy dialogues, today (Nov 7) announced its newly formed Board of Trustees and Board of Advisors, while spotlighting the remarkable $3.2 trillion Latino contribution to America’s Gross Domestic Product last year.

Taken alone, that economic output would be equivalent to the world’s fifth-largest economy.

The establishment of the Boards is the next iteration of NHEC’s commitment to work closely with policymakers, officials, and the broader public, ensuring that the Hispanic perspective on energy and environmental policy is heard loud and clear in all levels of government.

“Recognizing and fostering the Hispanic community’s significant economic contribution to the U.S. is crucial. The addition of new leadership from our Boards will help us better advocate for energy policies that meet our community’s needs, which fuel our fundamentally American aspirations, our entrepreneurship and the well-being of our families,” said NHEC Chairman Julio Fuentes, who is also president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “The Hispanic community’s economic influence is undeniably growing, and sound energy policies will help fuel our future growth.”

“Latinos make an enormous and largely unheralded economic contribution to America, delivering a GDP equal to the world’s fifth-largest economy. We’re business builders. We create economic waves. Good energy policy goes hand-in-hand with recognizing the weight of our economic contribution,” added NHEC Vice Chairman Matthew Gonzales, who is also the Mayor (D) of the Village of Cimarron, NM, and Consumer Energy Alliance’s Southwest Executive Director. “As we introduce our new leadership, we’re ready to advocate for energy policies that reflect our community’s influence.”

The National Hispanic Energy Council is proud to introduce its newly appointed Board of Trustees which includes representatives from several key organizations. Leading the board is the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which assumes the Chair position. Joining the chair are pivotal members from Florida Power & Light, the Hispanic Business Alliance, and Consumer Energy Alliance. This assembly is mandated with guiding the organization’s vision, ensuring financial stability, and setting impactful priorities.

“Access to affordable, reliable, clean energy is critical to the success of our economy,” said Danny Martell, vice president of legislative affairs for Florida Power & Light Company, and a member of the NHEC’s Board of Trustees. “Today, advancing clean energy projects isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s also the most cost-effective, and we see great potential in expanding the clean energy economy in our country.”

Complementing this robust team is the Board of Advisors, which brings together a diverse range of expertise from across the country. This board consists of members from the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Association of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce, the Kansas City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, , the Latino Coalition of Palm Beach County, the First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Policy Group, Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County, Hispanic Vote of Broward County, Hispanic Vote of Southwest Florida, the Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic Entrepreneur Institute. The Advisors provide connectivity to established advocacy networks and are charged with guiding our growth and ensuring our voice is heard across the country.

Together, these boards fortify the council’s mission with their collective insights, experience, and dedication to providing Hispanic families, businesses and entrepreneurs a knowledgeable and influential voice in energy policy discussions.


About The National Hispanic Energy Council
The National Hispanic Energy Council (NHEC) The National Hispanic Energy Council is founded on the principle of fair and equitable energy for all Americans, driven by the urgent need to reduce the 20% higher energy burden Hispanic families pay compared to the median American family. Drawing on expertise from across the economy and Hispanic community, we exist to fill a void in advocacy: a voice for energy policies that helps Hispanic families, businesses and entrepreneurs. The Council is building a bipartisan coalition of leaders of Hispanic groups across the country and exists to educate elected officials, policymakers and the Hispanic public on what good energy policy choices look like.

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