Hispanic Energy Leaders Condemn Move as Counterproductive to Energy Stability, Economic Growth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Hispanic Energy Council (NHEC), founded to bring a Hispanic voice to energy policy discussions and lower the 20% higher energy cost burden they face, today strongly criticized the Administration’s to pause LNG export approvals.

The decision may take time to have a domestic impact, but already is sending market signals that could slow natural gas production and lead to American LNG customers opting for less cleanly produced fuels to meet growing energy demand.

“Putting a hold on LNG export decisions is of a pair with the Administration’s decision to negotiate with Venezuela’s dictatorial regime and allow it resume oil and gas production, while hampering Americas’ domestic industry,” said NHEC Chairman Julio Fuentes, who is also president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “I am not shocked that this decision has the direct support of Marxists from Europe, whose efforts to advocate echo the tactics many Hispanics have seen in socialist regimes, which frequently prioritize short-term agendas over the long-term economic resilience and environmental well-being of its citizens.”

The NHEC is concerned that this decision, in which a social media influencer and anti-energy activists had an audience within the White House, ignores the broader implications for American families and businesses. This is the same Administration which took credit for record LNG exports, which were instrumental in helping our allies stave off power outages when Russia invaded Ukraine and cut off gas supplies to European nations.

U.S. LNG exporters delivered for our allies, leading to record exports which did not lead to domestic prices natural gas prices trending upward – in spite of claims from certain policymakers that it would. As of now, domestic natural gas prices are in line with the 10-year average price.

“A policy change of this magnitude should not be considered because of narrow political interests, without taking into account the needs of all Americans, especially communities like ours that are integral to the nation’s economy and energy infrastructure,” Fuentes said. “We urge the Administration to reconsider this decision and to acknowledge the potential negative outcomes on Hispanic families and the broader goals of environmental stewardship and domestic energy abundance.”


About The National Hispanic Energy Council
The National Hispanic Energy Council (NHEC) The National Hispanic Energy Council is founded on the principle of fair and equitable energy for all Americans, driven by the urgent need to reduce the 20% higher energy burden Hispanic families pay compared to the median American family. Drawing on expertise from across the economy and Hispanic community, we exist to fill a void in advocacy: a voice for energy policies that helps Hispanic families, businesses and entrepreneurs. The Council is building a bipartisan coalition of leaders of Hispanic groups across the country and exists to educate elected officials, policymakers and the Hispanic public on what good energy policy choices look like.

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